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Madden NFL is a series of Madden video games developed by EA Sports. It simulates professional football players' performance on the field and voice comments, giving people a sense of immersive experience. Since it was first released in 1993, it has brought great benefits to EA, while it remains continuously updated. On August 2 this year, EA released the 2020 Madden NFL 20 update.

New Madden NFL Series will be released every year, which may become the tradition of EA, and some minor adjustments and changes will be made during this period to make it perfect. In early November, EA released some updates on its official website, which is scheduled to be released on November 20 (the week before Thanksgiving and Black Friday) along with the carnival of the shopping festival.

Madden 20 X factor Regional Capability

According to EA, its main purpose is to change the stability and availability of Madden NFL 20 throughout the November update, mainly in the new X-factor region function called momentum shift, which works as follows:

After the arcade game or simulation game, you can activate momentum shift, which can not only clear the regional progress of all opponents, but also improve the ranking by knocking out all relative players.

Franchise model

The November update of Madden NFL keeps all the functions of the original title update, while adding many new functions, such as the use of mossed, lumberjack, out my way, goalline stuff, inside stuff, no outsiders and tank capabilities in franchise mode. EA Sports has listed all the features in the complete patch description.

In addition, it was updated in November specifically for secondary quality of life to provide a better gaming experience and more mut coins for players.

In the entire field of Madden NFL, every action of a player can affect the final result. Before and after this update, many teams' offensive and defensive lineups and packaging have changed a lot, and even some teams have received script updates. EA said it would bring more updates to the defensive manual in the future.

In the past, many players responded to slow attach and defense in Madden NFL, but EA hopes to make more changes in the script updated in November. This is the first time EA has publicly proposed this strategy, but it will be used more widely in different games in the future.

Indeed, it's a pretty good performance. EA always brings creativity into Madden so that it can meet the requirements of players as soon as possible.

Following the star players are re Aaron Donald, WR de Andre Hopkins, deion sanders and Troy Polamalu. Who doesn't like one of them? For more information about Madden NFL update, please keep an eye on vhpg, where it can provide the latest information to the public.

At present, with more games, the ultimate team has become the main focus of Madden NFL, and players can't wait to find the most powerful team in case they fall behind other teams. However, if you don't have enough "money" in your pocket, it can become more difficult.

Mut 20 coins can be used to buy your favorite ultimate team players throughout the season, and it's impossible to buy them without effort.

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