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Ashes of War really are a new idea for the Souls series introduced in Elden Ring. They could be infused onto weapons to not only change their affinity but additionally give it a brand new skill to make use of in battle. Changing the affinity of the weapon can also help you are making sure your preferred weapon is scaling better to your current stats.

Enemies all have different damage resistances, and Ashes of War enables you to easily alter a weapon to really make it more effective against a particular boss you might be stuck on. Ashes of war can be simply affixed and taken off weapons changing their affinities and skills, helping make customization and seeking out new ideas super easy.

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Where To Find The Vacuum Slice Ash Of War

To discover the Vacuum Slice Ash Of War, you will need to head towards the deep roots portion of the underground area. Start in the Deeproots Depths Site of Grace, and head into the nearby town following a clear flooded path. As you head towards the little center from the town, be wary from the ranged enemy close to the central structure who'll begin attacking you against a far range.

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Approach the central structure and look towards the left to determine a larger cathedral-type building using the door open. Inside is going to be another ranged enemy, plus a few corpses of others from the same kind of creature lining the walls. At the very back of the building and also at the feet from the live one is going to be an item to become picked up, the Vacuum Slice Ash Of War.

Using The Vacuum Slice Ash Of War

This Ash Of War could be affixed on swords and axes, using the exception of colossal axes. Equipping this ash of war can give the weapon the skill Vacuum Slice along with using the Quality affinity. Quality can make the weapon scale equally out of your strength and dexterity, ideal for early-game builds in which you haven't fully started leaning towards either. This affinity could keep the weapon much like how it usually is, dealing whatever kind of physical damage it already does, just now scaling equally.

The skill Vacuum Slice is an extremely versatile and powerful skill. Players may recognize this skill to be very similar to the one in the unique sword that you employ to fight Yhorm in Dark Souls 3. This skill has the capacity to hit enemies up and on the floor for significant damage while cutting through them and hitting every other enemy in it. With the low FP cost, this skill decimates categories of enemies that are lined up and therefore are helpful in any situation due to the area hit by each cast.

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