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The Lifesteal Fist Ash of War adds a bleed effect along with a new skill for fist weapons in Elden Ring, here's how to locate it.

Elden Ring provides an incredible amount of customization for players to produce unique characters to complement their playstyle. Weapons include skills that usually require FP to cast, which may be kept or substituted for ashes of war to alter the skill to a different of the player's choosing.

Ashes of War could be infused on weapons to alter the weapon's affinity, affecting which stat it scales from and the kind of damage it handles. This can help players alter a common weapon to scale from the start they would like to focus on the most. Ashes of War also replace the weapon's skill and could be incredibly powerful when compared with many of the basic skills most weapons begin with. Players can buy Elden Ring Runes and elden ring items from a trustworthy shop like MMOWTS to gain access to powerful new abilities and strategies.

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Where To Find Lifesteal Fist

Lifesteal fist could be found in the Caelid region, the eastern continent infested using scarlet rot. Starting from the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace, access the main road and abide by it south. About halfway on the lake of rot, you will see another Site of Grace on the left side of the road. Between you and also the new site of grace is a scarab that will run once you approach it. Kill the scarab quickly, as after it feels a particular distance, it'll disappear, and you will need to reset the planet by resting in a site of grace. Killing the scarab provides you with the Lifesteal Fist Ash of War.

Using Lifesteal Fist

Heading to the Roundtable Hold after giving the smith the black whetstone will help you to infuse your brand-new Ash of War on a fist weapon. This will give your first weapon the skill Lifesteal Fist whilst changing the weapon affinity to Occult, which makes it scale more out of your Arcane stat and fewer from its previous scaling stats. This concentration on Arcane scaling is extremely beneficial on one of the many first weapons that create a bleed build-up, as concentrating on arcane will benefit the weapons base damage and bleed damage.

Equipping this Ash Of War can change your weapons skill to Lifesteal Fist. This skill includes a bit of a slower charge-up but provides a powerful punch that significantly restores your HP. The charge-up delay can make you open to an attack that interrupts the skill, which makes it best when utilized on a stunned or unaware enemy. The health restored out of this skill is really a percentage of your maximum health, which makes it more effective the larger your Vigor. This skill can be quite useful in the overworld while seeking because it only creates humanoid-sized creatures. The Lands Between is filled with enemies of this size, assisting you to keep your health up without immediately using all your flasks charges.

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