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Genshin Impact’s Version 3.6 added the brand new Molten Iron Fortress Domain of Blessing. Here’s how you can reach it and what you ought to do to unlock it.

Unlocking the Molten Iron Fortress Domain in Genshin Impact is very simple, provided players are up-to-date with the game. The new Domain of Blessing, which provides new Artifact sets for players to grind for, is just one of Version 3.6’s many new additions. Notably, the update is bringing Kaveh and Baizhu as playable characters within the Phase 2 banner run, it added two new Sumeru areas to Genshin Impact.

Players exploring these new areas could also encounter the brand new enemies added with Genshin Impact 3.6, along with other resources, puzzles, and much more. However, among the first things they'll stumble upon may be the Molten Iron Fortress Domain in the brand new area referred to as Gavireh Lajavard.

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Molten Iron Fortress Domain’s Location

As mentioned, the Molten Iron Fortress Domain in Genshin Impact is just one of the first things players encounter once they enter Gavireh Lajavard.

Tip: The area is northwest of the Desert of Hadramaveth, to ensure that players can begin their way after that.

The path forward is extremely linear, and just by walking toward it, players should spot it on the road, as exemplified in the image above. For a better reference, the destination is between your first two teleport waypoints players unlock in Gavireh Lajavard. By following the street northwest, the Molten Iron Fortress Domain ought to be east, towards the top of a fairly steep hill. It should also be visible on players’ maps, even when they have not yet unlocked the full details from the map with the local Statue from the Seven.

How To Open The Molten Iron Fortress Domain

Upon coming to Molten Iron Fortress, players still have to unlock it. Before they can do that, however, they'll be surprised by a few enemies. By approaching the Domain’s entrance, a little group of fungi will spawn, which have to be defeated. There are also several Eremites nearby, so they may attack the ball player depending on how close they arrive at the enemies while getting around and battling the fungi. This task is rather easy and ought to be done within several seconds.

Unlike the Fane of Panjvahe Domain in Genshin Impact, this involves no puzzle solution. To unlock the Molten Iron Fortress Domain, players need only defeat the enemies, approach the domain, and connect to it. This should unlock it, allowing players to teleport into it whenever they want. In addition, this Domain features two new Artifacts that take hold of Genshin Impact: Vourukasha's Glow and Nymph’s Dream.

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