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Everything old is totally new again, including WoW Dragonflight talents. The talents system in Blizzard’s acclaimed MMORPG has gotten a welcome overhaul, though long-time veterans may notice it bears greater than a passing resemblance towards the talent trees just before Mists of Pandaria, prior to the system received its simplified (and somewhat controversial) overhaul.

The biggest complaint in regards to the WoW talents system recently is its distinct insufficient choice while shaping your character’s abilities, which many felt counterproductive within an RPG game. Thankfully, the talent trees in WoW actively encourage class experimentation, using the freedom to change up your build if you please. Here is all you need to know about WoW Dragonflight talents. Buying WOTLK Classic Gold and wotlk classic boosting can help boost your gear in WotLK, which benefits physical damage dealers and specs that benefit from scaling.

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How WoW Dragonflight talents work

The WoW Dragonflight talents product is split into two distinct trees: Class and Specialization. Class talents primarily contain the core abilities and utility that function as the broad first step toward your class, while specialization talents are specific to the role you’ve chosen. If you’re a little unsure, check out our WoW Dragonflight tier list for top-class and spec combinations in the present meta.

As in WoW Classic, you will get access to WoW talents when you reach level 10. The talent points awarded alternate every level, to help you expect to get a class talent point at level 10, a specialization talent point at level 11, and so forth. Once you reach level 70, you’ll have accrued 31 class points and 30 specialization points to invest however you think fit.

It’s also worth mentioning the shape of each talent’s icon can also be significant. A square icon indicates an energetic ability, whereas a circular icon indicates a passive ability. What you particularly wish to watch out for are octagonal icons, which permit you to choose between multiple talents in a single.

WoW Dragonflight talent load-outs

The additional freedom supplied by WoW Dragonflight talents does produce a margin for error while shaping your build, and you'll find that your character isn’t performing optimally due to the choices you are making. Thankfully, this new talents system provides you with the option to freely change talents anytime outside of combat, Mythic+ dungeons, and PvP, providing the chance for experimentation free of charge to you.

The WoW Dragonflight talents system even enables you to save, import, and export talent load-outs, allowing you to change between different builds on the fly. You can access these loadout options in the drop-down menu towards the bottom right from the ‘Talents’ window pane, which also includes a search bar to be able to quickly and easily change to your preferred talent loadout for any given situation.

If all this seems just a little daunting and also you preferred the greater straightforward talents system of the latest expansions, don’t fret. The WoW Dragonflight talent trees are kitted out with preset ‘starter’ builds which are guaranteed to help you through all of the content the MMORPG provides.

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