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Today, we’re likely to be talking about the very best DPS and Phase 3 of Wrath from the Lich King Classic. We’re not only likely to be factoring in the very best DPS but additionally which glasses actually bring the most from the raid. After all, ToC may be the ultimate challenge running a raid and you’re likely to want to get with the raid with as few wipes as you possibly can.

S Tier

At number 7, we now have the Demonology Warlock. Demonology Warlocks are likely to be like death and taxes. They’re always close to the top from the DPS Meters plus they’re always consistent. That analogy didn’t really make sense at all, but Demonology Warlocks were likely to be pumping. Although they’re almost always likely to be near the top five from the DPS Meters, their scaling isn’t that amazing.

But one class that comes with amazing scaling is Frost Death Knights (which ranks number 6). Frost Death Knights are likely to love their gear in ToC. I know situations are different now, but back within the original ToC, Frost Death Knights were always close to the top of the Meters. That being said, you’re not likely to reach your at their maximum armor-penetrating form until ICC.

WOTLK Classic Gold

At number 5, we now have Combat Rogues. My previous tier list always mentioned Combat Rogues from dpsing Assassination Rogues. Combat Rogue scales amazingly with gear and I might have thought they might have overtaken Assassination Rogue right now. But for unknown reasons, the Assassination Rogue is simply slightly in front of them at this time and it appears as if that’ll continue in ToC.

Speaking from the devil appears like at number 4, we’ve got Assassination Rogues. One of my theories for why Assassination Rogues are from DPS and Combat Rogues, there’s a great deal of the very best Combat Rogue that gravitated towards Assassination. I can tell you from personal experience that I used the second-best Assassination Rogue on NA and that he absolutely dominates in each and every fight.

Moving into # 3, we now have Unholy Death Knights. I was all well and able to raid on Holy Death Knights a great deal lower out there. But when I spoke with some experts like Rugs and some from the private server people plus they just kept discussing that Tier 9.5 stat bonus. The Tier 9.5 set bonus is recognized as being so great that you might make use of it within the Tier 10.5 set.

Moving onto number 2, we now have Affliction Warlocks. I know Affliction warlocks are simply absolutely dominating the Meters at this time and you’re likely to be pretty miffed that I move them down or they simply don’t quite scale as amazingly as everyone else.

At # 1, we’ve got Fire Mage. Mark my words. Come back here a couple of months from now, Fire Mage is likely to be topping the meters in many fights in ToC. Their gear is simply scaling them so incredibly well. They’re designed for these medium-length fights. They’re just likely to dominate. And let's say Blizard just knew the entire time when they fixed the Mage bugs, Mages would certainly become far too powerful?

A Tier

Now, let’s enter into the A tier.

At number 14, we now have Shadow Priest. I’ve been playing a Shadow Priest and I do enjoy the gameplay. Not only are Shadow Priests a remarkably valuable asset to your raid, but, you could also dual spec the disc or holy when you need. Buying WOTLK Classic Gold and buying wotlk classic boosting can help boost your gear in WotLK, which benefits physical damage dealers and specs that benefit from scaling.

Since ToC is likely to be all about minimizing wipes and maximizing safety, I really think Shadow Priests will shine. But there’s no denying that Shadow Priest is around the lower end of the DPS scale.

At number 13, we now have Arcane Mages. Arcane Mages are likely to be way less popular in ToC. That being said, I do think they’re still viable. My friend squalling within the GDKP sometimes plays Arcane and he still absolutely pumps. But there’s definitely likely to be a better and much more popular Mage spec approaching later in the article.

At number 12, we now have Marksmanship Hunters and the very best Ulduar gear. Marksmanship Hunters do truly the same well at this time. Plus, they’re likely to scale very well in ToC.

At # 1, we now have Enhancement Shaman and enhanced elements are definitely likely to be pumping at ToC plus they’re much better with the Fire Elemental change. Plus, it’s extremely easy to enter into a Raiders and Enhancement Shaman, particularly in those 10 Mans.

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