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The dungeon finder system is going to be removed and leveling is going to be most effective in both a group with friends, in which you constantly range from one dungeon to a different one, or alone when questing. WotLK continues to be one of the hardest expansions, therefore we gathered some useful tips that will help you reach level 80 as soon as possible:

1. Find a class guide. This is very important because talents have to be allocated correctly from level 10. Guides always let you know when you should go to a trainer and what abilities you need to learn;

2. Join a guild or call your pals. The game provides extensive quests that can’t be achieved without other players’ help. The same pertains to dungeons. There is no LFG, so you have to locate and gather the group yourself;

3. It is worth downloading add-ons to assist navigate using the right quests. Simple examples: Questie/Quest Helper — shows where you can accept and the way to complete quests, the things they require, along with other details. Cromulent — shows the enemy’s levels in Northrend locations. Do not forget about QuickLayer, which allows you to change server layers.

4. Get decent gear in TBC Classic. This allows you to definitely start a journey to Northrend considerably faster and more comfortably. You don’t need to complete raid content, but an amount of 70 characters prepared with some dungeon or reputation epics can surely enable you to get an initial advantage;

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5. Use auction houses and professions. Starting an expansion is definitely the best way to earn more gold. Take gathering professions then sell resources in the auction while you level up. By level 80 you'll already have several thousand, the industry's good base.

6. Do the dungeons at least one time. There are always some quests inside them with good experience along with a possibility to obtain a gear up just a little;

7. Fight the alternative faction only if it’s necessary. Which is never, within the leveling phase. The longer you're alive – the longer you're doing quests and leveling up;

8. Go completely as DPS spec. If you will find plans to play like a tank or healer, it’s worth putting them aside, otherwise, the leveling speed decreases significantly.

9. Sometimes leveling is boring and tedious, and there's simply not plenty of time. If that’s the situation, you should use boosting services, where professionals will take care of your character and enable you to get ready for that endgame within the shortest possible time.

10. Get Northrend flying ASAP. Simple as day, this makes your journey often easier

Buying WOTLK Classic Gold and buying wotlk classic boosting can help boost your gear in WotLK, which benefits physical damage dealers and specs that benefit from scaling.

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