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WOTLK Classic Gold: Wrath in the Lich King Classic players will quickly benefit from a 50% XP boost starting on December 13.

The event, called Joyous Journeys, increases all XP gains, whether or not it's from killing monsters or handing over quests, nearly the expansion's max amount of 80. A similar event ran just before Wrath in the Lich King Classic's September 26 release, allowing players to speed-level new characters or level up the expansion's new Death Knight class just before the expansion's launch.

wotlk classic gold

This latest event can last until January 16, 2023, giving players spanning a month of increased XP gains. As Blizzard notes, the case is a "great the perfect time to finish leveling a character, produce a new one, or invite friends to participate in you as part of your adventures." Unlike modern WoW, where hitting max level in a very new expansion will take mere hours, leveling in wotlk classic boosting can be a much longer process often measured in times of playtime instead of an afternoon.

Wrath from the Lich King Classic's launch didn't go smoothly to begin with, with massive server queues forcing many players to wait patiently for hours prior to getting to signing in for the first week or two with the expansion. Those issues have largely been resolved given that Wrath in the Lich King Classic is life for over 8 weeks.

Blizzard has not yet announced the event of the expansion's starting patch, Secrets of Ulduar, which is going to be released, but once it does, it can sport some significant changes. Alongside the Ulduar raid, new, harder versions of Heroic dungeons called Titan Rune dungeons are going to be introduced that could reward raid-quality loot.

In other WoW news, today's version of the game got its latest expansion by means of Dragonflight. Blizzard offers various Twitch drops for many who tune in to watch Dragonflight content on Twitch, together with the expansion's first raid set to discharge on the week of December 12. In GameSpot's Dragonflight review happening, we referred to it as the latest expansion for Blizzard's long-running MMO "both familiar and fresh for the same time" and came away impressed at operating overhauls of old systems like talents and professions.

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