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We are here with an all new unlimited international faxing plan. This time you get unlimited international faxing at $9.99 pm that can be used from your mobile and landline phones. Plan is introduced by a voip service provider named BlueVox, we are going to do a comprehensive review of BlueVox and tis services here. This plan allows you to make long distance unlimited international fax on iphone from US to 85 countries. No Overage, No Hidden Fee, No Minute Rate – a great plan for people who love to stay in touch with their friends and relatives. However, since it is a new provider we are not sure how long they will be able to keep their lights on with those rates. TataTalk, similar to BlueVox, had earlier launched a plan to fax internationally at just $7.99, to India and other countries, but unfortunately the plan did not work and the company had to close their services soon after the launch.

Unlimited International Faxs at $9.99/Month

Faxing internationally for just $9.99 is an amazing plan by Bluevox. This plan includes unlimited faxing to 85 countries including Brazil, Argentina, France and UK etc.

Say ‘NO” to everything

No contract, No Equipment needed, No connection fee, No overage and No hidden fees and it works from any mobile or landline.

You have to just pay $9.99 each month to enjoy faxing the world unlimited. BlueVox can not be used to fax any emergency service like 911 though.

How it works : It is exactly same as a faxing card, but unlimited. You need to fax the nearest landline number and then dial the number to fax. If you register your phone number in your account first, no PIN code is needed.
Numbers you can add to your account: You can add 2 phone numbers that you own to make faxs, or you can use PIN numbers to use your balance from unregistered phone numbers. It is suggested that you add phone numbers to enjoy BluVox services, because PIN codes are removed soon.
How can we register: It is simple to register, all you need to do is

- Register your account.
- Register your home/cell number.
- Dial access point number (this should recognize your registered phone).
- Dial your international number and enjoy faxing.

Plan cancellation: As the service is contract free., you can easily cancel the plan if you are not happy with it after using it for 1 month at $7.99.

FAQ on BlueVox’s Services
There are many doubts (questions) that are asked by the viewers about BlueVox’s unlimited faxing service. Here we have come up with few common questions and their answers for BlueVox Faxing Plan.

Q. When you fax India, do you need to add 91 or 011 before mobile number?

A. No, you are not suppose to add 011 before mobile number, simply start with (+91) + (mobile or state code) + (landline number).

Q. Can we change or switch the 2 registered numbers?

A. Yes, you can switch or change the registered numbers whenever you want.

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