by on August 5, 2016
Chris Fontaine has been trading on and off for the last few years and wanted to see if he could improve his trading. So, when I offered to do a FREE Live Crypto Trading Class with him and anyone else that wanted to participate in a live environment, he was curious to see what Crypto-city was all about. As with any of the previous classes that I've done with others on Crypto-city, we always keep it fun and informal.
Reading his review, Chris came into Crypto-city expecting the worst. After the session he was quite surprised it wasn't anything he was expecting and was thrilled with the experience.
Thanks for the kind words. I'm just glad to be of help and that you've enjoyed your experience at Crypto-city.
To see Chris Fontaine's review, click on the following link:
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Bitn Priest
Awesome! Congrats,
August 23, 2016