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Trying to obtain the Island Token on Lost Ark's Volare Island? This guide will help you out.

The Volare Island in Lost Ark is among the small Adventure Islands available throughout the end-game. Getting the Island Token, or Soul is fairly straightforward. It's the waiting, however, that may be the issue. But if patience is a virtue, then you definitely should have it very quickly.

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Once you complete this informative guide, you ought to be one token richer which is much nearer to the Island Token Reward you have had your eye on. Don't fret folks who want to retrieve inside your first go around, possibly do the area again for an additional chance.

The Volare Island

The Volare Island could be located within the center of the map, just south of North Vern. Keep in mind you'll have to have sailing unlocked to venture for this island. Keep in mind it's in the middle of the Siren Sea, so that your ship will require the appropriate resistance, or else you may not reach the island. If you don't wish to work for that resistance, you can always wait around the edge from the Siren Seas and just head in right when the area spawns.

Since it is an adventure island, it won't be available constantly. To check the times it will likely be available, open your Procyon's Compass by clicking the icon below the mini-map. In the menu, you can observe the islands so when they're because of spawn next. There should be 3 adventure islands spawning every day at different times.

You may also set alerts to become notified whenever a particular island event is going to be happening. To set a timer for these events, click on the stopwatch in the upper left corner of the screen. You will wish to turn off the notifications for everything to start with. From there, you can choose from alongside its menu from the stopwatch menu what you would like to become notified about. If you visit the adventure island tab, you can choose to become notified of that Volare Island event.

You may then choose when you are going to be notified before the event. For example, if you choose fifteen minutes, then you definitely will be notified fifteen minutes before the event will start. Only using a few events turned on within the notification and alert menu will assist you to prevent you from missing the big event. If you have a lot of alarms set for greater than a couple of islands, you take the risk of the alert getting lost within the sea of notifications.

Retrieving The Volare Island Token

Once the area spawns, the big event becomes active when the first person sets foot in the area. You will have 3 minutes before this co-op event starts, so you can forage and look around anytime. When the big event starts, you'll start by utilizing an emote at the planning table. From here, you have to shoot cannons at various-sized crocodile creatures that begin spawning. This will occur within the middle of the island where the crocodiles can look inrelativelyrly large pits.

You must use either cannonballs or harpoons. You are going to be able to locate harpoons scattered who are around you and the cannonballs you can receive in the demon clowns. When the crocodiles are finally defeated, you can run to the pit and get the 2 secret chests of Volare. The island token is going to be in one of these simple chests by accident. It is not guaranteed that you'll receive the pass. If you don't get the ticket to begin with, you can always repeat the big event until you receive it. The ticket can be displayed in either one of these simple chests.

Aside from the token, you'll also be given a chunk of silver from both chests. Once you complete the wedding, you can begin your search for the 3 Mokoko Seeds found on this map. Keep in mind that in certain adventure islands, you can do twice daily with rewards given only one time a day.

Island Token Rewards

The Island Token Rewards have various prices that increase by 5 tokens, most abundant in sought-after rewards being more costly. There are over 90 tokens through the game and 19 token rewards that vary from 5 tokens to 95 tokens.

Greater Stat Increase Potion - 5 Island Tokens

Emote: Threaten - 10 Island Tokens

Uncommon Wooden Compass - 15 Island Tokens

Greater Skill Point Potion - 20 Island Tokens

Mount: Golden Moss Turtle - 25 Island Tokens

Masterpiece #3 - 30 Island Tokens

Emote: Wave Dance - 35 Island Tokens

Luminous Aquamarine (compass upgrade) - 40 Island Tokens

Gienah's Protection (increases rapport) - 45 Island Tokens

Protections (skill rune) - 50 Island Tokens

Masterpiece #22 - 55 Island Tokens

Secret Map (Adventure: Giant Shell) - 60 Island Tokens

Oceanic Aquamarine - 65 Island Tokens

Structure: Statue from the Goddess Harmony - 70 Island Tokens

Masterpiece #38 - 75 Island Tokens

Ship Skin: Tortoyk Arong Turtle - 80 Island Tokens

Secret Map (Adventure: Ice Statue of Woman) - 85 Island Tokens

Tidal Aquamarine - 90 Island Tokens

Procyon Statue - 95 Island Tokens

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