by on March 18, 2023

Google thinks it has won against the Equity Division, yet this is only the beginning. You see the US Equity Division and all its little useless sub-offices like the FTC are about the most noxious minimal persnickety gathering in the world.

What am I talking about here you inquire? All things considered, I'm basically saying that since the public authority has been scorned they will pursue Google, you watch. Recall Microsoft was unreasonably gone after as well Sddfcu. Yet, for Google's situation it has a few issues that you can put everything on the line of Elliot Spitzer and the SEC will contend with one another fair to see who documents the greatest government suit first.

Any time the public authority smells cash it needs a piece of it and it will assault. The public authority organizations are coming up on spending plan surveys and Elliot Spitzer is coming up for a run at the New York governorship and these offices will go after on the grounds that they smell blood and Google has it. The cash that is and some accept that they have offered forward-looking expressions that perhaps difficult to satisfy and in the realm of public organizations that implies inconvenience.

For the people who follow the administrative filth that assaults free undertaking, causes off shoring and is killing our economy we know. It is inevitable until the legal claims, controllers and Elliot Spitzer bother Google. This little triumph for Google might have truly irritated a portion of these controllers and they are very delicate when made to look stupid in the media. Consider my forecasts on this in 2006.

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