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The Dark Souls franchise is just not new to the downloadable content concept. Even with its first entry, FromSoftware released the Artorias in the Abyss DLC, the location where the Chosen Undead reenacts the legend of Knight Artorias. Since then, every installment in the Dark Souls series has gotten DLC that expands upon the established lore in the world as well as its inhabitants.

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Late recently, FromSoftware suddenly announced a DLC expansion for Elden Ring named Shadow in the Erdtree. No further news has arrived up since currently, using the only bit of media surrounding it as a single image. With the fires of inspiration yet again stoked, fans are obtaining their notebooks out, hoping that any unanswered questions can finally be laid chill out.

Torrent's Former Master

For most players, Torrent is the foremost travel companion and beast of burden a Tarnished could require. He's also one of the biggest mysteries in the game currently. He has ties to Ranni, and Melina, and to know who else; of course, he was the individual that "chose" the Tarnished, which prompted Melina to tag them as well as them because of their surrogate Finger Maiden.

After acquiring him, Ranni provides the Tarnished Spirit Calling Bell, calling it a debt to Torrent's former master. While there are numerous strong theories concerning who this mystery master is, there has not yet been a solid answer. Perhaps the DLC gives that answer.

Why Godwyn Was Targeted Specifically

Godwyn the Golden might well be the most enigmatic of the demigods. Item descriptions portray him as The Lands Between's golden boy, who commandeered a fantastic army in a war contrary to the dragons. It begs the question, "who should kill Godwyn and why?" We have a response to the former: Ranni, however, there is still no response to the latter.

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Perhaps it absolutely was because Godwyn was one of the few genuinely wholesome demigods, so his death would symbolize an age of chaos and fear. Or maybe she knew how Marika favored him. Whatever the reason, it does not change the proven fact that his death caused the Shattering and plunged The Lands Between into turmoil.

Miquella's Dream

When the Tarnished first discovers Miquella, they meet his incapacitated body in a very bloody chamber. Meeting Michelle uses a backseat to Mohg's introduction shortly before his boss fights, so the first kind doesn't have a great deal of chance to shine. In his cocoon, Miquella is considered to be sleeping, having locked himself away in another world developed by his dreams.

The main visual for Shadow in the Erdtree includes a feminine blonde figure, which many speculate to get Miquella. The DLC may occur within Miquella's dream, which is mere speculation until more news arrives about the expansion.

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