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Genshin Impact officially reveals the smoothness teaser because of its upcoming five-star Dehya who's confirmed for the following update.

Genshin Impact has officially revealed its character teaser for that upcoming five-star Pyro user Dehya whose release has been confirmed within the recent Special Program event for update 3.5. Dehya will not be the only new character to arrive within the upcoming update as HoYoverse revealed a brand new Cryo user named Mika.

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Going by HoYoverse's usual update schedule, players can get Genshin Impact version 3.5 to reach around March 1, which is when the current Hu Tao and Yelan banner is scheduled to expire. The live stream also confirmed the next update will host the annual Windblume Festival meaning Travelers 're going back to Mondstadt, the very first region which was introduced to the sport.

Genshin Impact's official YouTube channel has revealed the smoothness teaser for his upcoming five-star character Dehya. Even though the story is portrayed as a skillful fighter who has no mercy on her enemies, the brand new teaser shows a significantly softer side of her character. She is one of the Eremites that is several mercenaries who hail from Sumeru's deserts. Her official presentation throughout the recent 3.5 Special Program confirmed that Dehya will be a brand new DPS character who can fit multiple team compositions. A recent video leak has confirmed that Dehya can function well within the popular Vaporize party.

Dehya's Elemental Skill is known as Molten Inferno also it allows her to manage AoE damage while creating the Fiery Sanctum field. Opponents which are attacked inside the field will get additional damage. The field's effect will even increase every active character's potential to deal with the interruption. The field stays active even when Dehya gets swapped out meaning she might have decent sub-DPS capabilities.

Leonine Bite, which is Dehya's Elemental Burst, may cause her to decrease her claymore and change to hand-to-hand combat. For a couple of seconds, all of her next Normal Attacks will deal massive levels of Pyro damage inside a small area. At the end of this burst, Dehya will unleash a panic attack named Incineration Drive that deals additional AoE Pyro damage and relocate the Fiery Sanctum field.

Even though the brand new five-star character appears like a decent Pyro DPS, some players may skip her banner since HoYoverse confirmed that Dehya will join the Standard Banner once 3.5 ends. This means that it will likely be almost impossible to get all of her constellation levels after 3.6 arrives because it is highly unlikely that Dehya will get a re-run in the future.

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