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In Diablo 2 Resurrected, there are many types of Damage Reduction attributes related to characters, mainly including two aspects of the Physical and the Magic. Among them, resistance is the most common and easier to improve character-related Damage Reduction attributes. Character resistance mainly includes physical resistance and elemental resistance. The following briefly introduces the resistance and the max resistance.


The role of resistance

The biggest role of resistance is to reduce the proportion of corresponding damage, increasing the relative resistance of characters and mercenaries can improve their survivability in the face of this type of damage. For example, the character’s resistance to Cold, Fire, Lightning, and Poison in Hell's difficulty will be punished by -100%. If there are no or very few types of equipment or items that can increase the elemental resistances, then it is likely that the panel elemental resistances will show a negative number, at this time will be more elemental damage.



Monster resistance limit and character's resistance limit

The initial value of the character’s elemental resistance upper limit is 75 points, and the upper limit of the physical resistance is 50, which represents the maximum value that the resistance can be improved.  In addition, elemental resistance can be increased by equipment or aura that can increase the upper limit of resistance, up to 95, the elemental damage reduction is as high as 95% at this time. There is much equipment that can increase the upper limit of resistance, such as the dark gold equipment "Guardian Angel", the Runewords "Fortitude" and so on.


Monster resistance limit and character's resistance limit


The upper limit of the resistance of monsters and characters is different. Elemental and physical resistances can reach 100 or higher. At this time, it will be shown as immune to this attribute. For example, when the Fire resistance of a monster reaches 100, it will be shown as Fire immune. The pure fire types output cannot cause damage to it, but other corresponding non-immune attributes (such as Physical, Cold, Lightning, Poison, and Magic) can be used for damage output.


Act 5 to save the Anya task can reward a scroll with elemental resistance +10. The Normal difficulty, Nightmare difficulty, and Hell difficulty have a total of 30 points, so it is necessary for us to complete it as soon as possible. At the same time, Pindleskin, which is often farmed on Hell Difficulty, also needs her to open the door. If you often farmed scenes with more elemental damage, it is recommended to appropriately increase the overall resistance value of the character. When the equipment is poor, you can bring more resistance-enhancing charms to your backpack.


When the resistance of the character reaches the upper limit of resistance, the excess part usually does not work, but when encountering a monster that can reduce the resistance of the character, such as a monster that can cast a curse of resistance reduction or a monster with a "Conviction Aura", part of the resistance that previously exceeded the upper limit of resistance will play a role because the resistance reduction value is reduced from the total value of the corresponding resistance of the character. After the resistance reaches the upper limit in the later stage, there is no need to worry about exceeding part of the resistance can causing too much waste.


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