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If players want to earn POE Currency in Path of Exile, here are some tips that players can use. Path of Exile’s currency system differs from other ARPG games. Players are not getting gold coins or standard currency items for other purposes. What they get is various types of Path of Exile Currency with multiple uses. And players need a lot of money to make some useful items. Here are some ways to help players be better involved.

Use Vendor Recipes. Most communities think that vendor recipes are a complete waste of time. In a league where Exalts is worth over 200 Chaos Orbs, this can be said to be correct. Because of this, when players enter the league, Chaos recipe is very suitable for earning POE Exalted Orb. Players will get a Chaos Orb from the supplier by selling a full set of rare gear between 60 and 74.

An entire set of gear includes boots, gloves, belt, two rings, an amulet, chest, helmet and two of them, one-handed weapons or a two-handed weapon. Players can sell a set of unidentified rare equipment to get 2 Chaos Orbs. Other recipes include using 20-Quality Gavel to map into Cartographer’s Chisels, selling a set of ilvl75+ rare equipment for Regal Orb, and selling a set of affected rare gears for two to four Exalted Shards.

Juice Maps. Upgrading Maps is critical to getting a net return in Path of Exile’s endgame system. Juicing Maps includes using Cartographer’s Chisels on them with normal/white rarity, using Orb of Alchemy to add modifiers to the map, they also need to apply Sextants to Atlas Watchstones, and using Sacrificial Fragments or Scarabs to further enhance Map items Quantity and rarity. Delirious Orbs is also very suitable for adding a lot of packaging size to Maps, but players should note that the more maps Delirium makes, the more difficult the map becomes. Using these strategies, the map will provide more loot and be able to get more POE Currency. If players do not want to use these methods, they can also buy POE Currency at POECurrency.com.

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