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It's not just that an Suddenlink email let you manage the services you've chosen to use for Suddenlink Communications. It also allows you to it also permits you to send and receive email with it using an email address that is standard. What's special about this service is that it allows you to configure it on other email programs like Microsoft Outlook and Mac Mail in addition to accessing it via the internet portal. It is, however, necessary to have to be aware of what are the Suddenlink Email settings for setting up an email account for access to account settings for your Suddenlink email account settings in an email program. This guide will provide information on settings for the Suddenlink Mail Server settings as well as setting up the Outlook as well as the Mac Mail programme setup processes. Email Settings

You'll need the following Suddenlink email settings prior to you begin the process of setting up.

IMAPING (inbound)

Mail Server incoming:

Mail incoming (SSL) port 993 (Provides Secure connection. It is recommended if your email programs work with SSL.)

The port for mail incoming The port for mail that is inbound: The port for mail that is inbound: (Recommended just to use Legacy Mail programs)

POP ONLY (inbound)

Mail Server incoming:

The Mail Outgoing Port (SSL) 9955 (Providessecure connection. Highly recommended if your email application works with the software.)

Port for mail inbound 110 (Recommended only for Legacy mail applications)

Smtp (outbound)

Mail Server Outgoing:

The Outgoing Port of Mail (SSL): 4655 (Provides an encrypted connection. Highly recommended if your email application works with the software.)

Port of the mail that is outgoing Outgoing port of mail: 25 or 587 (Recommended just for Legacy Mail programs)

Password & Username

Username: Your entire mail adress (at the top of the page, be sure that you include

Password Fill in your password for email to Suddenlink

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