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Refurbished phones are those that usually have been sold by an old user after which they have been repaired by certified retail stores to ensure they are available as a fully functional rebuilt device to a brand new buyer.

Refurbished phones undergo a string of tests performed by the company that refurbishes them to make sure that they're in perfect working order and that their appearance is top-quality. The condition of the mobiles that recycling firms use in our recycling comparison are working, new and not broken. These conditions will determine the extent of the work that will require to be performed on them in order to ensure that they are suitable for sold on the refurbished phone market.

Some of the devices that were refurbished had issues prior to. Many of the refurbished mobile phones are ones that network or retailers were able to get after the consumer changed their mind within the cooling off period. Therefore, the majority of these phones have very little evidence of usage. But, they're required to be classed as "used and then renovated.

A phone that is functioning is likely to require cosmetic overhaul to minimize the appearance of wear and tear however, a phone that is damaged may require a lot of work to correct problems. Sometimes, certain functions on the hardware will have to be restored, as in addition to a cosmetic overhaul to look an original device.

This Data Protection Act also states that the seller has to erase any information on the phone once they have received the phone. If you purchase a used device it will be clean, uncluttered phone that has been restored to a high standard.

Should I Buy a Refurbished Phone?

Refurbishing a device can save cost and also helps protect the environment as compared to buying a new smartphone. Take a look at how much ecological impact that comes with a new phone. Numerous models of smartphones are traded in every day and you will never be lacking in options when you are choosing the next one from a used range.

How Are Refurbished Phones Packaged?

The stores on our site will deliver the device packaged with their own brand. They are as secure that is why the handset will come protected in a sleeve or wrapped in bubble wrap to protect the device during transport.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying a Refurbished Smartphone?

Many people have the question"Should I buy an old phone?' even though we may never be in a position to provide an exact answer but we can provide the advantages and disadvantages of buying refurbished phones x over brand new ones to help you get an idea of what to consider.

You Will Save Money

The major benefit of purchasing an old phone in comparison to a brand new phone can be the fact that you'll spend less. It can save you up to 50% and any differences would be hard to detect on higher quality models, while saving a significant amount.

A More Environmentally Friendly Option

Refurbishing a phone is a better environmental alternative to purchasing a brand-new phone. While phones come with energy efficiency features, their use just accounts for a small amount of emissions. Also, purchasing a used phone reduces the need for natural resources.

If an old device is sold, it remains in circulation, and therefore not disposed of in the ground or taken for disposal to any of the numerous E-waste disposal sites around the world. It is better to keep it in good condition as well as in use until recycling facilities become more sophisticated.

Same Warranty

All the stores we feature as part of Compare and Recycle provide the same standard one-year guarantee on purchases. This can be the exact same thing as purchasing new.

You May Not Receive Other Accessories

You might not get the other accessories normally included when you purchase a brand new phone as it is contingent upon the state of the used phone you're buying. That means that you may not get a speedy charging device or headphones.

They Are Often Not Sent in the Original Packaging

Refurbished phones usually are delivered to you in a plain cardboard box and branded by the store that you bought it from.

Are Refurbished Phones Good Quality?

The phones that are refurbished have been tested by authorized retailers to make sure that they're in good operational condition. In this way, every refurbished device is fully functional as new phones and are visually appealing.

There are some variations in the the appearance of a smartphone that has been refurbished dependent on the condition of the device. The refurbished phones that we offer are classified as Excellent Very good, Excellent or Very good or.

devices that are rated as "good" are those that exhibit moderate wear and tear but perform flawlessly, whereas ones that are "excellent" are in near-perfect cosmetic condition, with no evidence of wear and tear.

The devices that are "pristine" appear and work like brand new devices (even when someone else might have used them previously).

Refurbished Phone Grading

Refurbished gadgets are assigned the 'grade' that indicates their cosmetic state of. This could cause confusion since the different retailers use different guidelines for grading condition. But, on Compare and Recycle, we have made it easier for our readers by narrowing it down to 3 categories.


Certain retailers offer classes for the New and an option for Pristine. When you take this type of phone from its packaging it will look like new without any scratches or blemishes.


Additionally, retailers will have the same requirements for grade when they classify a gadget as "excellent" or excellent. The device may have been used for a while, may have an ever-so-slightly worn battery, or even the tiny of marks on the surface. However, they are excellent condition.


The rest is classified as excellent, given that they may show a few minor scratches or other indications of wear however, they will function like they normally do.

Do Refurbished Phones Have Warranty?

A lot of people are worried that refurbished phones don't come with a warranty, but it's not the scenario. On our website you can buy a refurbished device which is protected by a 12-month warranty. You can be assured that, should there be a reason that the phone you purchased has a defect and is protected by warranty or be exchanged as per the terms of the retailer's return policy.

Where Can I Buy a Refurbished Phone?

Compare and Recycle

We evaluate a variety of refurbishment companies on our used phones comparison and the list is increasing. The more stores you can compare the more likely you will be able to locate the phone you're looking to purchase at a lower cost.

Apple Store

Apple offers end-of-life device processing that is unique to any other brand They even have an exclusive recycling robot named Daisy that takes down devices. The savings aren't as significant as those obtained from other retailers (up 10% to 15% is stated by Apple for devices that are graded "Like New"), but the phones you purchase through this Apple shop can be qualified to be eligible for AppleCare+ plans, which differentiates this store from other stores.

High Street Stores

In addition to online retailers There is also the option of going to an high-end cellphone repair service. This is great if prefer a face-to contact with an employee or try the phone in a stores. There are a variety of businesses that sell used devices that you can go to and include chains like CEX, Game or local independent stores.

Marketplace Websites

There are many online stores who sell used devices on marketplace websites like eBay and Amazon. We recommend that you select an authentic retailer and take the time to read the details carefully, in case you accidentally buy an unrepaired phone from an individual seller.

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