by on May 27, 2016
Hi Guys. I've been hearing quite a bit of stir about, as well as from former Onecoiners as of late. I remembered that some friends mentioned that they were invested in onecoin so I took the liberty to look at Onecoin's marketing presentation, something was off as they presented Oncoin as a token that you would later trade in for crypto once you feel you are ready. From what I hear, people are having a hard time redeeming in their Onecoins.
What this tells me is that there are no Onecoin crypto currency. Furthermore, there's no wallet, no blockchain and no block explorer, this would mean you can't move the so called coins because it does not exist. A crypto currency must have all three.
My conclusion after looking at their material, and presentation is that there are no actual crypto currency coins and that they are selling the educational package giving people the impression that they are buying into a crypto currency like bitcoin, but it's not. So what they are essentially doing is selling an over inflated education material, which anyone can get for FREE such as the the FREE services provided here at Crypto-city.
In their presentation, there is a reason why they say that you'd trade in your token once you feel that you have enough experience to trade crypto currency. What this tells me is that it is deceptive marketing, especially for those that are not familiar with crypto currency works and this makes those that are new to crypto susceptible to a marketing ploy.
Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that they are exposing people to bitcoin, but they are using the bitcoin's success to take advantage of people that are new to crypto and in the end will likely damage the intention or idea of crypto currency in people's minds.
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