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I love English grammar, do you love it?  Today, the topic is on poetic devices, poetic devices and literacy devices are the same having the same meaning, also a part of the figure of speech. So let's talk about your childhood songs, you know it is like a poem having different meanings, styles, tones, structures, etc.


If you have a mindset to become a poet so this blog for you, In this place, I will provide you hundreds and hundreds of poetic devices tricks, so in this micro-blog, I will go over the most popular poetic devices, to make understanding to you I put well-know examples from poets. 


A list of poetic devices is one of the best things to have at your fingertips if you are want to become a poet. Read popular poetic devices:

                                   1. Onomatopeia

                                   2. Alliteration

                                   3. Irony

                                  4. Metaphor

                                  5. Simile, Mainly these five things are matter.


The big question is that why we read this topic so sorry to forget to give an answer in the beginning. They are the tools used in a poem to make stunning and build up the meaning of a poem, lastly, the poem looks rhythmic pleasing, or intensifies the core emotion, feeling, or mood, Let's talk about its tools 


                               * Alliteration 

                              Repetition of the first consonant is called Alliteration.

                              Example: Fair is foul, and foul is fair, Hover through the fog and filthy air.


                            * I rony 

                           It is a saying.

                           Example: I am so glad I have a tiny little lap.


                          * Metaphor

                          In which, we compare the first thing to the second thing.like

                           Example: maths questions are the mountain.


                        * Simple

                        Simile or metaphor having close. but it is used as, like.

                        Example: Her face is like a moon.


                      * Onomatopeia

                       Boom, Wow, Omg, OOOPs, Splat, Zap, Pop these words signify sound itself is called onomatopoeia.


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