by on October 5, 2021

Path of Exile: Expedition is coming to an end, and many players may still work hard in the league. Some players even prepared enough Path of Exile Currency for better performance in the game. What is looking forward to now is that another extension of Path of Exile, Scourge, will be launched later this month.

Although there is no release date for PoE 2, players can know that Path of Exile is about to undergo its 31st expansion. The Path of Exile 3.16 update called "Scourge" will be released via real-time Twitch streaming on October 14th (Twitch Drops will be enabled). It will be launched on PC on October 22nd and on the console on October 27th online. Players who want to quickly gain an advantage in the game can prepare POE Currency as soon as possible.

Scourge will be the third expansion of PoE in 2021, after Expedition is deployed in July. The update provides a new mode of the same name, a log, new character building gems, and some game balance changes. Some players may think Expediton is not balanced. Many players think that although they buy POE Currency to buy better equipment, they still do not have the previous damage. Developers will further balance the game. But the players still don't know how the balance will be.

Later this year, Grinding Gear Games will host this year's ExileCon, where they plan to announce the release date of Path of Exile 2, as well as various updated content and more gameplay. The sequel was first announced in 2019 for release in 2020, but due to the pandemic, it may be delayed until 2024. More specific release time is not yet known. Fortunately, this will give players enough time to prepare for its arrival. Players can buy POE Currency in advance so that they can quickly improve in the game. 

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