Michel Hubo
by on October 4, 2021

Men's Limited Edition LAB snake print Super Star sneakers with purple heel tab, We take our idea of style to a new level with our sneakers. With our Limited Edition sneakers we have taken this concept to a new level.

Super Star sneakers in suede leather with perforated star, Super Star sneakers are a Golden Goose evergreen and accompany its Golden Goose Shoes collections season after season, updated with the use of innovative materials and finishes.

Yes, handcrafted and not mass produced which leads to the higher price tag. This version in leather stands out for the contrast of the black and gold colour combo and the inserts in mesh a mix underlining the sportswear feel from a metropolitan angle.

When I saw these online they sold out so fast. This style, made from smooth leather, is enriched with refined details such as the snake print GGDB star, a reference to the collection's inspirations, and the glittery heel.

Mid Stars are full of the cool attitude of a pair of sneakers, but are the epitome of elegance thanks to the English style eyelets on the toe. They are a fantastic heel that I can stand walk for hours in.

This model is rendered even more special thanks to the blend of smooth and suede leather for the upper and vertical strip with pixel effect camouflage pattern on the back. We have taken the iconic shape of our Super Star and given them a new lease of life.

This design, in leather, is characterised by the special construction of the sole, made using techniques for casual footwear, creating a parallel between sneakers and everyday shoes. Yeah sneakers combine all these emotions to reveal a new, unexpected version of Golden Goose Sneakers you.

Slide is a journey from Venice to Venice Beach. This model is rendered even more special by the silver glitter covered upper and the laminated turquoise vertical strip on the back. Golden Goose No different from carrying an LV or bag.

With our Limited Edition sneakers we have taken this concept to a new level. But while the price tag is higher on these they truly up any outfit and add a cool, casual vibe. Super Star sneakers in leather with mesh insert, The addition of elements of active wear defines the design of these Super Star sneakers.

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