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In Path of Exile, it is more a barter system than a cash exchange. Players can trade various items, such as orbs and scrolls. They can exchange these items or use them individually. Players can also use some items as POE Currency. Players will encounter some common item types when traveling in Wraeclast. Each of these POE Currency is not valued at the same price. Exalted Orbs are more valuable than Portal Scroll. If players want to trade valuables with other players, Exalted Orbs is also the base currency.

Common Currency can be used at suppliers, and players can also use these POE Items on their own equipment. It is useful if players have some extra items in their backpacks. So they can save some basic currency for later use. Or they can buy Path of Exile Currency for backup. Here are some functional currencies and their roles.

Scroll of Wisdom: Identify items. Portal Scroll: Open the portal to the nearest town, and other people in the team can use the player portal. Armourer’s Scrap: Improve the quality of armor. Blacksmith’s Whetstone: Improve the quality of weapons. Orb of Augmentation: Augment magic items with new random modifiers. Orb of Transmutation: Upgrade ordinary items to magic items. Orb of Alteration: Reforge a magic item with a new random modifier.

Chromatic Orb: The color of the slot on the recast item, the color is random, but the main statistics of the selected item will affect it. Using this ball on an item with high intelligence requirements may create a blue slot. Jeweller’s Orb: The number of slots on the recast item. Orb of Chance: Upgrade ordinary items to random rare items. Orb of Alchemy: Upgrade common items to rare items.

There are also many types of POE Currency. If players can get enough POE Currency, they will have an even greater advantage in the game. Players can also buy POE Currency to quickly upgrade. Go!

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