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Many players may not know how to get Bless Unleashed Star Seeds in Bless Unleashed. In BU, players can use Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to make rapid progress. Bless Unleashed Star Seeds allows players to purchase items from the market, fast travel and self-resurrection, among other uses. Here are some information on how to get the most Bless Unleashed Star Seeds.

Use Starseed Boosters. If players have the ability, the most effective way is to buy Starseed Boosters. The basic booster is a 30-day 20% booster and costs 800 Lumina (~8 USD), and the advanced booster is a 30-day 40% booster and costs 1500 Lumina (~15 USD). The combination of these two effects will enable players to get an extra 60% Bless Unleashed Star Seeds reward for 2300 Lumina ($23) within 30 days. If players are committed to Bless Unleashed, this will maximize the farm efficiency of players' Bless Unleashed Star Seeds.

Visit Olvera in Carzacor’s Plaza. To get a steady stream of Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, please visit Olvera in Carzacor Square once a day and use gold coins to buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds. At level 5, players can exchange 1500 gold coins for 1000 Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, and at level 26, players can exchange 56,500 gold coins for 11,000 Bless Unleashed Star Seeds.

Although the ratio of gold to Bless Unleashed Star Seeds is lower at level 26, this conversion becomes more effective at higher levels because gold becomes easier to obtain. 50,000 gold coins are reasonable even at a low level in a day game, while at a high level, it may sometimes be insignificant. In fact, there are many ways to get some Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, but some players prefer to Buy Bless Unleashed Seeds on websites such as IGGM. Each method has its meaning, and players can choose according to their needs. 

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