by on January 31, 2018

HyperStake 2018: Quarter 1

HyperStake’s goal for 2018 is to create and expand on features and components of HyperStake in order to develop an easy to use interface for its community. The launch of a decentralized voting system, an expanded website, and a publication of the HyperStake white paper jump start Quarter 1 of 2018.

White Paper:

HyperStake’s white paper is nearly complete and is currently being reviewed and expanded upon by a group of HyperStake users. The white paper details HyperStake’s fundamentals as well as the upcoming HyperChain platform. HyperChain is an advanced layer to HyperStake’s blockchain and sets HyperStake apart from other digital currencies as it allows for secure communication and interaction between devices connected to the HyperStake blockchain. The white paper draft is going through the final round of edits and will be available to the public within quarter one of 2018.

Expanded Website:

The team at HyperStake is updating the website to include additional features and provide a revamped design that ensures an intuitive user experience. On its website, HyperStake seeks to add further resources, information, and support pages to ensure easy user navigation. HyperStake is also looking to add additional language support for non-English speaking visitors. Have suggestions of essential aspects or features to include in the expanded website? Send us an email!

Stake Voting System

HyperStake’s development team has been working to create an immutable decentralized voting system. Users will be able to submit proposals for identified issues and any person who actively stakes HyperStake will be able to vote on the proposed issue. These proposals will be added to the blockchain and will permanently be able to be accessed and viewed. Users who have the most to gain and/or lose will have the largest sway on the overall vote. The addition of the stake voting system will help to implement changes and resolve issues that users may be facing in order to ensure that HyperStake’s community have a voice in the future of the coin.

Users will also be able to vote on dynamic coin parameters including block spacing, block rewards, cool down period, and maximum block size. However, the voting on these parameters are directly coded into the HyperStake Core and will be updated automatically and without disruption to the blockchain.

Now Accepting HyperStake

HyperStake is excited to announce that True Gentleman Custom Suits, a local Salt Lake City based company, now accepts payment in HyperStake. True Gentleman Supply designs custom tailored suits and formal wear using high quality fabrics at affordable prices.

Meet Trapper, the founder of True Gentleman. Not only does his company accept payment in HyperStake, he is also wearing our custom HyperStake hat. Get yours here!

Join the community of Hypsters and start using HyperStake now. Find HyperStake (HYP) on Cryptopia, Bitcoin Thailand, and CoinExchange. For more information, email us or join our Discord channel.

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