by on August 20, 2021

Prior to the launch of NBA 2K22, some Spurs player ratings are being rolled out. Many Spurs fans should be very excited about this. But regardless of the result of the rating, if players want to get more powerful players in the game, then buy 2K MT is definitely the right choice.

The currently highest-rated players are Dejounte Murray and Thaddeus Young, with an overall rating of 82. The second highest-rated players are Derrick White and Keldon Johnson, 80 respectively. So far, the lowest rated Spurs is Lonnie Walker IV. His three-pointer percentage is 76, but his three-pointer percentage is 80, second only to Doug McDermott's 82.

Murray's rating is 2 points higher than last year (80), but considering that he made a huge leap in statistics last season and may become the focus of NBA 2K22 MT, his rating should be higher. The ratings of Johnson and White have increased from last year. Johnson was set to be 76 years old last season and White was 79 years old. Based on his performance next season, if Johnson continues to climb steadily, if his rating rises, I won't be surprised. Currently, no Spurs have a player rating of 90 or higher. With DeMar DeRozan leaving the Spurs, the overall rating of the team is expected to decline this season. Last season he had the highest player rating at 86. The Spurs' overall rating for NBA 2K21 is 75.3.

Players will be able to play NBA 2K22 on September 10. If you are a basketball fan, then you must not miss it. If players want to get more powerful players in the game and form an All-Star team, it is necessary for players to prepare some NBA 2K22 MT. This will mean that you can gain a greater advantage over others. Go ahead! 

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