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If players learn how to remove bounties in Elder Scrolls Online, they can really change the rules of the game and save a lot of time with ESO Gold. The function of the bounty is similar to their function in the Grand Theft Auto series. If a player is found guilty of crimes such as murder or robbery, local officials will try to charge the player ESO Gold or force them to submit. Players can choose to pay for free or escape, but if caught, all their stolen items will be returned to the owner. These items will help defeat the new Rockgrove Trial and its challenges. Fortunately, players have several different options to deal with wanted bounties. This guide will show players how to get rid of them in The Elder Scrolls Online.

If the player commits a serious crime, then the bounty on him is a lot. These stolen items can show The Elder Scrolls Online players how to make equipment and weapons when needed. Of course, players can also Buy ESO Gold to directly buy everything they want. Players can use the Infamy Bar on the screen to measure this. Not only that, the Heat system will also determine the guard's reaction to the players. If the Heat bar is too high, the guard will take more aggressive action to the player. Here are the different ways players can remove bounties.

Pay The Fee: The guard will first try to make the player pay for their crimes. They can do this, but all their stolen items will be returned to the ESO Gold. Waiting: The bounty will naturally decrease over time. Just avoid the guard until it disappears forever. Fences: This is a person who can sell stolen items. Players can find them in the Desperado Refuge. Once the stolen goods are sold, the bounty will disappear. Edict: This item will remove bounty and heat. They come in three different forms: amnesties, forged pardons, and pardons.

According to experience, the most interesting way to handle bounties is always to run away. If the player cannot escape, then theft and crime will be meaningless. Although if the item is valuable, the pre-collection decree is very useful for a complete escape. Players can unlock all kinds of things by leveling up and completing specific tasks. If players want to upgrade quickly, the easiest way is to buy ESO Gold. If they can't make time, don't commit a crime. 

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