Sunny Mattoo
by on August 28, 2017

Currencies are the most vulnerable thing in the entire world. As far world has evolved so the requirement of currencies as well whereas at the ancient days our ancestors started the trading on the BARTER service basis whereas it was difficult to serve the purpose thereafter they decided to take on the innovative aspect on the currency hence they got evolved the century for currency for the lifetime.Barter Services have been came across with many phases like right from the Agriculture based Barter Services, Sex involvement as a Barter Services and many more. Hence people in that era were finding other alternative as the resources were less and requirements were increasing day by day.

Thus, People found alternatives like precious metals, tokens, signage for the buying purpose and those alternatives was also not the solution for the people as the metals, tokens were being created with so many difficulties as the mining and craftsman were limited however requirement was on large scale(Demand and Supply). Hence these currencies were only limited to Premium category/Class of people like Politicians, Big Traders, Kings/Emprors then 2nd class then 3rd class especially precious metals.

Thereafter, Almost in between the Emperors Rule and Modern political rule they created the concept of the paper currencies, Fiat Currencies etc etc. Hence finally the same got implemented as per Government regulations and since then people across the world have abide with all the norms and conditions as per government till now. But suddenly something happened in 2010 at the stock exchange thereafter United Federal is not overcoming with that situation and till now almost after 17 years people across the world the knows the story about the Government implemented circulars and annexure based on the paper currencies.

As the world has evolved too much with Artificial Intelligence(AI) therefore people found the way to create digital currency.

Why the Evolution of currency is related to crypto currency will update in my new blog. Have a great day.

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