by on March 24, 2016
Life. It's never an an easy path.
We come into this world, completely naked and helpless. For the first 18 years of our lives we have been cared for and nurtured, up until we are ready to survive on our own in the world.
Without parent(s), we wouldn't even exist. Our parents make sure we are fed, clothed and sheltered as we continue to grow. Our parents protect us from harm, while we learn and adapt to the world environments under their watchful eye unknowing to us that our existence could abruptly end.
When we are in need, our parents give, even with little to no resources they give, making personal sacrifices to have less and at time have nothing at all just so that they can give you more of the things you need in order grow, laugh and giggle at the world. All the while, without having knowledge or understanding of how much was sacrificed to make sure you are well.
As we grow we tend to take most obvious thing which are right in front of us for granted and when they are gone, we realize then all the little details that we did not take the time to appreciate and acknowledge. By this time, it would have been too late.
Yes. Life's Journey is a difficult path. More so, is clearly seeing what is right in front of us from the start
So, no matter how busy or important you think you are, spend as much time as you can with parents while they are still here. Your priorities of what you once thought was important will change once they are gone. And by that time, it would be too late. So hug them and tell you love & appreciate them.
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March 24, 2016