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Sword and shield players will get a free weakness policy through mysterious gifts for a limited time.
Players of Pokemon Sword and Shield can claim another free item for just a limited time. Pokemon Company will distribute the free Weakness policy through Mystery Gift until April 26. At the same time, will provide Cheap Shiny Pokemon and 6 IV Shiny Pokemon. When the Pokemon holding this Pokemon turns into a super-efficient attack, its attack and special attack statistics will probably be increased by two stages respectively.

This will not be everything that happened this weekend. To commemorate World Penguin Day, Swords and Shields is conducting the Eiscue Max Raid event until April 25. Throughout the event, Eiscue appeared in Max Raids more frequently than usual, And you have a chance to meet the biggest surprise of Shiny Eiscue star in one-fifth of the time. 

In other Pokemon news, New Pokemon Snap is going to be released on Nintendo Switch on April 30. Pokemon Go will hold a meeting-themed New Pokemon Snap from April 29th to May 2nd to celebrate the making of the game. As part of the event, Shiny Smeargle can certainly make its debut in Pokemon Go, and you will encounter Lotad, Cacnea, Ducklett, Buy Shiny Pokemon along with monsters appearing in New Pokemon Snap to enhance in number. 

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