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by on March 21, 2021

Climbing the solo queue ladder in League Accounts can feel like an uphill battle at times, especially if you play in the marksman position where you rely a lot on your support, another player where you have no control over. That is why choosing your champion with care is essential to gain some LP (League Points). These five champions will help you in your solo queue games and hopefully get you to the rank you want!

PantheonSince his rework in Patch 10.25, Pantheon has been intended to be played in solo lane, rather than a Support. He also an S-tier champion in the top lane in the current patch. He receives buffs in multiple fronts of his kit and small nerf, such as his Shield Vault (W) is no longer blocking turret shot. His kit also works well with items such as Eclipse or Goredrinker.

Kha-ZixIf hunting for kills is your type of playstyle, then Kha’Zix should definitely be on your radar for the solo queue. Undoubtedly a strong jungler, his true power lies in the ability to roam around the map assassinating champions who are out of position or casually sitting alone in lane.

Once you reach level six and acquire Void Assault, you can turn invisible to better sneak up on opponents when looking for ganks. Just make sure your allies don’t overplay their hand and make it look obvious that you’re waiting in the wings to pounce. You have some strong crowd control skills to slow opponents with the Voidreaver’s Unseen Threat passive, plus the long-range Void Spike attack. You also have Leap to jump to targets if they try to flee from you.

EkkoAn immensely strong pick in the Jungle right now, playing Ekko has basically no downsides. He delivers strong ganks thanks to his great mobility, he's got great jungle clear, and he can burst enemy champions in seconds with a devastating combo. Oh, and he's a slippery champion too. With his rewind ability, he can slip in and out of fights with ease.

Ekko doesn't mess around if he's going for a gank. Timewinder starts things off, with a nice bit of damage and the potential to slow. This goes well with Parallel Convergence, as well as Phase Dive which will simultaneously zone the enemy, deal damage, and close the gap. Then it's a case of Chronobreaking to execute, or to escape if things go pear shaped.

When looking for ganks, it’s useful if you have other champions in lane that can assist with additional lockdown skills, as the slow from Timewinder is fine but usually not enough to guarantee kills. Nevertheless, Ekko’s strengths as a Jungler are currently unrivalled.


Jhin is arguably the best AD Carry in the meta right now. Players may opt for lethality build or even go with Galeforce that empowers his crit. With items like The Collector or Infinity Edge in his inventory, Jhin deals massive damage thanks to his crit and lethality stack.

LeonaLeona and Lulu are currently at the top of the list of best supports. But Leona is slightly easier to execute. While both champions will need to pay extra attention to timing, Leona can never be useless because she can act as a frontline with solid CCs in her kit. She may also build utility items that can empower her ADC partner.

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