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by on February 24, 2021

The Crypto market space has grown exponentially since 2009. It was just estimated as a buzzword and fake innovation by financial experts at the start. But now, cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology are ready to rejuvenate the world with transparency, decentralization, and top-notch security in every sector. The booming popularity of cryptocurrencies and their price-value made investors dive into the market space to explore business opportunities. If you have a potential crypto or blockchain business idea that could be a massive hit in the next-gen digital world, then it’s your time to launch an ICO campaign!

ICO campaigns have proved to be an effective fundraising tool for investors since 2017. In 2018, the funds raised through the first quarter had overtaken the total money raised in 2017. In 2019, $120 million has been raised in the first quarter itself. In 2020, amidst the pandemic crises, the ICO campaigns of different companies had outperformed investors’ expectations. 

In this blog post, let’s chit-chat on ICO in detail!

Is the ICO a good option for fundraising now?

Absolutely yes!

Many countries have accepted and regulated the ICO crowdfunding norms, which is a good sign for the crypto community. By implementing these regulations, the crypto investors and the community has started spending their assets with trust. Many potential projects are outperforming even the hard cap values set by the community to launch the business. 

BitTorrent has reached its hard cap value of ICO in just 13 minutes and has generated around $7.2 million within this time limit. This could be impossible in other traditional fundraising techniques such as shares, mutual funds, etc. There are other signs of the marketplace, which proves that ICO is beneficial for businesses!

Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud computing service provider, has included Stratis, a web-based platform that enables ICO projects to manage the airdrops and token sales. The platform renders excellent amenities for crypto projects with flexible payment gateways to purchase ICO tokens. 

The future ICO marketspace!

Undeniably, ICO campaigns have supported start-ups to raise capital funds to a greater extent in recent years. Social ventures have limitless opportunities with ICO crowdfunding in the upcoming era. Even though US Securities and Exchange Commission)SEC) has listed ICO as undeclared security, it does not suit all the ICO’s. Some of the potential ICO projects have heart throbbed the crypto investors with its progression. 

The ICO marketspace’s future is blooming, and undoubtedly, the crypto community supports potential and revolutionary digital projects. Enhancing ICO’s quality and features abiding by the geolocations’ regulations can ensure a massive hit for your fundraising campaign!

In various sectors, there are distinct norms for securities, stocks, and other investment options. The ICO’s following these regulations will soon be established in the marketplace with enhanced trust, features, and transparency in the token sales. Experts suggest two major techniques to regulate ICO fundraising campaigns! Let’s gaze at them!

Experts suggested regulatory norms

The crypto experts suggest two major regulatory norms to enhance trust in ICO crowdfunding campaigns!

  • Assessment matrix
  • Jurisdiction integration

Assessment matrix

Federations that allow ICO crowdfunding sale must assess the projects based on certain criteria. ICO’s must be established only if they 

  1. Abide by regulations
  2. Legalities must be mentioned
  3. Clarity on distinct types of tokens

Jurisdiction integration

Jurisdictions must frame the regulation on KYC/AML norms, securities, and customer protection laws. SEC has already dived in to regulate the ICO campaign norms with the tremendous growth rate. Hence, this ensures trust among the ICO fundraising campaigns. 

You’re all set for your business with the ICO campaign!

With the booming cryptocurrencies in the marketplace, it’s the right time for you to establish the ICO tokens by partnering with an ICO development company. Brainstorm the unique crypto business and get started with the ICO fundraising campaign to run a successful business!

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